Day 5 – Diving   8 comments

Today I finally got my ice fins. We spent the morning in the dive locker prepping for the dive. We did the basic safety briefing, and after lunch, headed to the ice whole. We drove to a spot right next to town called the Jetty.

Sam, Cecil, Me. The ride to our dive spot.The Ice hut over the snow. We will not have these in New Harbor

The dive was amazing. We spent the first few minutes just working on buoyancy and making sure that everything was working well. The water was so cold against my face that after just a few seconds, my lips were numb. But in all honesty I didn’t care. I was so distracted by everything that was around me. The visibility was incredible, everything that they said it would be. There were really interesting creatures everywhere and they were huge. Lots of sponges with openings the size of dinner plates and starfish that looked like the weighed 20lbs. I also got to see a spider crab. They live is several oceans and are usually the size of a dime, but in Antarctica they grow larger that my hand.

Ready for the dive

The plunge

After I got over the initial shock of so many things to see, we started to head up to the fast ice. This is where the ice meets the land. As we got closer, the ice started to look like broken glass. Not only was it on the over head ice, but the water was so cold that ice had also formed on the rocks along the bottom of the sea floor. It was weird to have ice above you and below you while you are suspended in water.

The dive lasted about a half an hour. That is a pretty typical dive time here just because of the temperature of the water (28.6 F). I was so excited to have completed my first ice dive. Cold, but excited. It was actually pretty easy to get warmed back up once I was out of the water. The only thing that kept me cold was my hair. It was suggested that I cut it all off, but I’d rather just be cold.


Posted October 8, 2011 by dwoodward707 in McMurdo Station

8 responses to “Day 5 – Diving

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  1. Hey Danielle
    Josh and I were just reading your post. How exciting to go on your first dive. I am so proud of you. What wonderful creature you got to see. I’ll be sending you warm thoughts. Love Mommy

  2. Hi Danielle,
    We are following your adventures in Antarctica. Great pictures!
    Lots of Love,
    Aunt Deb, Uncle Giorgio, Sessa, John

  3. Honestly, I get scared just reading it!!! I certainly hope your enthusiasm last. Learn lots and get a great job with this on your resume. From some one who really doesn’t like the water all that much, but is still impressed that you do. Carol

  4. Dj Thanks for the call on my birthday, It was great to talk to you and hear about your adventure. Fishing with Uncle Eric was wonderful and I am now back at home. The photos are wonderful. Not only are they interesting but I can see from your expression that you are having a wonderful time. keep the post cards coming. Enjoy every minute and take time to smell the roses… Dad

  5. What a wonderful adventure. Love the photos and comments. Keep them coming.

    Jennifer Woodward
  6. How exciting Cousin! Looks like you are having a blast!

  7. Hi Danielle,
    I am here with Papa and Grandma and and they love the pictures. They are SO proud of you. Your Dad or I will show them your new entries as they come.
    They send all their love and say “stay safe but have fun”
    Papa and Grandma and Aunt Deb

  8. Hi Danielle,
    Just wanted to let you know that you are being followed by some of the folks at the Plum Tree where Papa is.
    Also, you are part of my classroom story time. We are having a continuous story about “The Adventures of Danielle”. Your Mom sent pictures of you at the beach in Hawaii from ages 2-5 years (my kids are 5 hrs). She also sent pictues of you in the Aquarium in Maui with the shark and rays. We found Antarctica on the globe and figures the ice to be thicker than the top of our roof. We can’t wait to see more pictures and eventually pictures underwater. We will send you a picture of the class later.
    Take care and lots of love,
    Aunt Deb and PELC Pre-K class

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