Day 22/23 – Cape Bernacchii Round 2   1 comment

So after all our miss fortune with the Hotsy out at Cape Bernacchii, we finally got everything going thanks to our new friend Vito who works at the mechanical shop.

Hilary and I headed out to the Cape Bernacchii site after everything was dropped off and started melting the hole. We spend two days out there. It was really nice to get away from camp for a little while. Most of the time we are running from one task to the next with little free time and once we got to Bernacchii, it was like taking a vacation. The only thing we had to do was fuel the hotsy and generator.

Our hut was located out on a very flat, slippery piece of ice in the ice field. It was really fun almost ice skating around the area. It was impossible to walk so sliding or skating was the only option. There is also a lot of old ice in the area that was broken up last year and then refroze into place. The deep blue color is from the ice being pure water. Areas where there is white are brine channels where the salt is trapped. And if you look close enough, there were air bubbles trapped throughout the entire ice chunk.

While we were there, the weather picked up a bit. It went condition 1 (really really bad) in McMurdo, but across the channel it was just super windy. We mostly hung out inside our hut and read in front of the heater or took short naps. It was a pretty nice time. And after two days we were relieved of our duty and sent back to camp. It was nice to have a bit of a break, but it’s good to be back to work.

The next two days are going to be full of diving. Now that we have dive holes AND a working compressor, we will be diving every day collecting our samples. Send me warm thoughts cause it’s going to be a cold few days.


Posted October 27, 2011 by dwoodward707 in New Harbor

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  1. Sure looks like you could use a few jokes to warm your funny bone. All I can say is that watch where you slide and keep up these great blogs. The photos are stunning and the more you shoot the better. We all send you our love, Danielle. Uncle Buzzy and Jake the Snowboarder


    It was so cold . . .
    I chipped a tooth on my soup!
    It was so cold . . .
    we had to chop up the piano for firewood – but we only got two chords.
    It was so cold . . .
    words froze in the air. If you wanted to hear what someone said, you had to grab a handful of sentences and take them in by the fire!
    It was so cold . . .
    we pulled everything out of the freezer and huddled inside it to warm up!
    It was so cold…
    we had to kick a hole in the air just to get outside!
    It was so cold…
    when I turned on the shower – I got hail!
    It was so cold…
    when we put frozen pizza in the oven for 25 minutes, we got – frozen pizza!
    It was so cold…
    kids were telling the most outrageous lies – hoping their pants might catch on fire.
    It was so cold…
    my colleagues were fighting for turns on the rotisserie.
    It was so cold…
    Scotsmen started wearing pants!
    It was so cold…
    if you sucked on an ice-cube – it just got bigger!
    It was so cold…
    my toes were… Oops! What happened to my toes?
    t was so cold…
    instead of the “finger” – people rudely gave you the “mitt”.
    It was so cold…
    healthy people were kissing flu victims – hoping for a fever.
    It was so cold…
    My team leader switched from big fat Cuban cigars to presto logs.
    It was so cold…
    EVERYONE had popsicle toes.
    It was so cold…
    only people with names like “Al” and “Ed” had time to write their names in the snow.

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