Day 66 – Weather Hold   1 comment

For the past two days, we have been packing and waiting for a helicopter to pick us up and fly us to McMurdo. However, yesterday visibility dropped and helicopters were canceled for the day. This morning we awoke to a fresh layer of snow, and helicopters postponed again.

Sam has instructed us to pack a tooth brush, our wallet, and our passport into our big red coats and be ready to hop on a helicopter without any other personal possessions. This “rescue” helicopter will hopefully come today and be able to retrieve our personal bags before we depart the ice for New Zealand on Tuesday. Unfortunately the weather looks like it is going to hold until Saturday and helicopters don’t fly on Sunday. Monday is all we have left to get our stuff.

I may end up coming home with a small backpack, a tooth brush, my passport, and the same cloths that I’ve been wearing for the past three months. Oh how Antarctica can still surprise me!


Posted December 8, 2011 by dwoodward707 in The Way Home

One response to “Day 66 – Weather Hold

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  1. Hi Danielle
    Yes, life is full of surprises. We never really know what tomorrow will bring. I’ll be praying for clear visibility and patience. I love you and I will see you soon. Love Mom

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